Launch Team Application

Apply to be a member of the team that runs Launch!

The application is open and we can’t wait to read your applications.

Please apply via this link!

Program Application & Key Deadlines

The application to participate in the Launch 2019-2020 program will open in the fall of 2019.

Judging Criteria

We’ll evaluate your startup’s potential for committing fully, growing over the program, and succeeding afterwards.

To us, full commitment means that you will show up to each and every session with your coaches and mentors, you will engage with the other startups in the program to learn from their experiences and share your own, and you will not only openly receive but also proactively gather feedback from all sources: mentors, other startups, industry experts, investors, and customers.

To us, growth over the program means you translate your participation into action: you acquire more customers, launch products, develop funding leads or actually raise money, and regularly consider whether you should pivot or persevere – and take action based on your conclusions.

To us, success after the program means you continue to grow and achieve your goals (whether revenue targets, accelerator admission, funding, or otherwise). When we check in with you down the line (and we will!), we’d love to see you living the lessons you learned during LAUNCH and getting your product and team out in front of funders and customers – and winning.

Application FAQ

  • Is there anyway to participate in Launch if I don’t have an idea?

    • Yes! We are working on a way for individuals to help current and alumni startups! Stay tuned.

  • Are there any additional details about the program and what it entails?

    • Yes - see our info session deck here for more details about the program.