Inside Launch - Alumni Panel

Four LAUNCH alumni returned February 26th to speak to the current LAUNCH cohort about their experiences and offer advice. Jeremy Hammer from BearX, Chloe Alpert from Medinas Health, Moses Lo from Xendit, and Maria Artunduaga from Respira Labs took their seats on the panel and fielded questions from the crowd of members from various LAUNCH teams.


The panel offered advice on a range of entrepreneurial topics, including speaking to investors, creating pitch decks, managing teams, finding strong talent, validating business models, and getting the most out of the LAUNCH experience.

Moses Lo, co-founder of Xendit, described the process of going through two pivots for his company before finding a sellable product focused on payment infrastructure on Southeast Asia. Chloe Alpert, founder of Medinas Health, a company already with over $5M in funding, spoke to the importance of business fundamentals and how the LAUNCH curriculum helped them build the foundation for the company. Maria Artunduaga, founder of Respira Labs, emphasized the importance of deadlines and the customer discovery exercises that LAUNCH focuses on for each team.

Jeremy Hammer echoed Artunduaga’s words, saying “it’s really tough to push yourself, as a founder, to do stuff on a timeline. You can sort of get lost in the abyss of just doing things or just feeling productive, but when you have some accountability, I think that really helps.” Hammer spoke to the value of having bimonthly meetings with LAUNCH staff and his peers listening in on his ideas.

“The biggest thing is, again, leveraging the people in the program right now. It’s really easy to just go your own way and feel like you’re doing it on your own. Being able to lean on the people in your cohort is really beneficial. To do that, you have to put yourself out there. You have to let people know what’s going on with your company, how you’re feeling, that’s fine. You have to get over that and just put yourself out there and I think you’ll benefit a lot more,” Hammer said.