Key Insights from LAUNCH winner Jobwell

Jobwell founders, May Lu, a Wharton MBA, Richard Lin, a CS student at Berkeley and Daniel Kent, a graduate student at UC Berkeley’s School of Information, won the 2nd place prize at the Launch Demo Day in 2018 for their job seeker platform. Daniel spoke with us about his experiences with the accelerator program and details some of the key impacts and insights below:

How LAUNCH Helped Us: Based on LAUNCH, we were able to follow up with many students who attended demo day and were able to understand what they thought was interesting vs. where the product could be improved. We had a lot of follow up from investors as well. We were also able to work with the team at Bee partners and won working space over the summer.

Lessons Learned From Launch: One of the most important things from the LAUNCH accelerator was the curriculum. The advisors were great in the sessions specifically around product market fit and market discovery by framing it as an empirical process with hypothesis testing  and validation. The other thing they really emphasized was to always be talking to your customers. Companies should talk to at least 10 customers per week.

Advice for the Incoming LAUNCH Cohort:

Be present and ask a lot of questions. Get to know your other cohort teams as much as possible since you are all going through similar things in your companies at the same time. Other Launch founders have been extremely helpful with sharing resources and we still talk on our slack channel to this day. For companies entering the LAUNCH accelerator or planning to apply, reach out to LAUNCH alums because we want to help other UC startups succeed.

Top resources that has helped you on your startup journey:

  • Investors and accelerators

  • Book recommendations- Venture Deals by Brad Feld

  • Free Tools- Website builders like WIX, have a lot of flexibility and can get you started quickly. Also Survey Monkey to set up ongoing email lists and Typeform to capture customer insights.