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LAUNCH 2018 Winners: Where are they now?

Twenty three teams went through the LAUNCH accelerator program last year. Some went on to participate in YCombinator, others sought out further funding from VC partners. While we will be providing updates on many of our LAUNCH companies on this blog, we wanted to start off by profiling last years’ winners:

  • 1st Place:  DataAgora, winner of last year’s $25,000 grand prize, is building a secure, online marketplace for buyers and sellers of big data.

Where are they now:

Ashwinee Panda, CEO of DataAgora, is completing his junior year as an engineering student at UC Berkeley.  Since winning the LAUNCH Accelerator competition last year, DataAgora’s team has focusing on customer acquisition and has since contracted with five B2B customers. “We are working on getting a small group of fanatical customers so we can get good feedback from them on how to evolve the product” reports Panda.   

  • 2nd Place:  Jobwell, a tool that helps organize job searches and provides virtual coaching for users.

Where are they now: Jobwell, founded by May Lu, a Wharton MBA, and Daniel Kent, a graduate student at UC Berkeley’s School of Information, has continued iterating on its product since the Demo Day last April by speaking with hundreds of customers to shape the product features and roadmap. They are also a part of the Dorm Room Fund portfolio and the Hotdesk program at SkyDeck.

  • 3rd Place:  Medinas Health, a marketplace for surplus medical supplies.

Where are they now?

After raising nearly $5M in funding, Medinas Health CEO, Chloe Alpert, and team have on-boarded healthcare organizations (e.g., hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, vet practices, and nursing homes) and product suppliers (e.g., original equipment manufacturers) to their marketplace.