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Over $1.1Bn in Funding Raised

2023 Spring


AImmigrationPRO is an innovative platform that uses AI-powered

automated tools to help individuals and families achieve their

visa and immigration goals, creating greater global mobility and

economic opportunity for all.

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DashBill helps community organizations streamline membership fee collection, budget management, and 
communication. We enable groups, like fraternities, clubs, etc., to have a centralized platform for their organization, rather than several disjointed platforms. assisting community organizations with membership fee collection, budget management, and improved communication.

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Hop3 is a community-powered discovery platform for consumers to explore new products, talk about brands, and share authentic recommendations through video content.

Makani Science
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Makani Science is developing a novel wearable breathing monitor

to make respiration monitoring more accessible and safer across

the entire healthcare field.

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3-sided network of patients, clinical sites, and trial sponsors (pharma/CROs)

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Roots mission is to help families maintain a sense of belonging and helping individuals maintain a sense of value while reducing the feeling of loneliness and guilt by providing a family-centered communication tool.

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Tumo provides Argentinian remote contractors and freelancers services to keep their savings in USD, access their money locally in one day at cost and appropriately report income to the local tax authority.

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Vocalini is on a mission to make the world's documents accessible to everyone! Our primary customers are university students who come from international backgrounds. Our solution is preferred by our customers relative to other competing products due to its intuitive design, unique feature offerings, and tailor-made solutions for their specific use case.

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Redefining postoperative care by developing a suite of innovative technologies for early detection of surgical site infection.

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Tired of the same old restaurants around you? We expand restaurant options by building a mid and long-distance, planned food delivery platform for different ethnic groups, where customers can also bundle food from multiple restaurants in one order, with a flat fee of $4.99. Current food apps restrain customers to a limited selection of restaurants which gets very boring over time. Exciting new experiences are just a few clicks away.

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Predenting helps pre-dental students achieve their dreams of becoming dentists, through providing admissions advising, resources to succeed in dental school, and securing placements in residency programs.
Screenshot 2023-04-23 at 7.06.29 PM.png

End-to-end logistics platform to provide last mile delivery and same-day return of online apparel orders back to retailer’s local stores. Apparel brands can delight their customers with 2-hour local delivery & 1-click simple return process of online orders with Milkyway Delivery.

Screenshot 2023-04-23 at 7.12.41 PM.png

Giving travel healthcare providers peace of mind. Bedouin builds fair and personalized contract insurance for providers to protect against unexpected contract cancellations.

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Mobile interface to seamlessly generate customized text with AI (2500+ downloads, 50K+ pieces of content generated by users so far)

Screenshot 2023-04-23 at 7.28.44 PM.png

Customized variety of tea flavors for regular tea drinkers to explore authentic Asian flavors with convenience and predictability.

Screenshot 2023-04-23 at 7.26.44 PM.png

WorkUp guarantees internship and job offers for university juniors, seniors, and recent grads in the areas of: consulting, investing, technology, media, entertainment, healthcare, and finance at a 100% placement rate.


2023 Spring Cohort
  • Ocusera - 1st Place

  • Predenting

  • Scribble AI - 3rd Place - Tied

  • Tumo

  • Caregiva

  • Teascover Tea

  • Vocalini

  • WorkUp

  • Roots

  • Milkyway Delivery

  • DashBill - 3rd Place - Tied

  • Makani Science

  • Hop3 Rewards

  • BioGenesis Trials - 2nd Place

  • FoodRelay

  • AImmigration Pro

2022 Fall Cohort
2022 Spring Cohort
2021 Fall Cohort
2021 Spring Cohort
  • Intropic Materials - 2nd Place

  • Magnetic Tides

  • Minwo - 3rd Place

  • Myntor 1st Place

  • Rare Combinations

  • RoadGoat 

  • Seguros Medical Products

  • Seren


  • Whizz 

2020 Fall Cohort
2020 Spring Cohort
2019 Cohort
2018 Cohort
2017 Cohort
2016 Cohort

2015 Cohort
  • Aluna (Formerly KNOX Medical Diagnostics) - NSF SBIR Phase I,II

  • Ava (Formerly Transcense) — 1st Place

  • Blowfish Health

  • Cloubrain  

  • DeviceFarm - NSF SBIR Phase I,II

  • Exogen Biotechnology

  • Four Twenty Seven (acquired)

  • LendSnap  - Alchemist, YC S16 (acquired)

- Chloe Alpert, CEO & Co-Founder, Medinas
“LAUNCH was essential to the success we had and where we are today, because it helped us focus on the fundamentals of our business.”  
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