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Over the past twenty years, LAUNCH has helped generations of UC founders start their entrepreneurial careers.

Sold to Adobe for $540M

Sold to Adobe for $540M


Current Launch Cohort - 2019

Congratulations to the Launch 2019 Cohort Demo Day Winners!

1st Place

Vested - Vested is a platform that enables global investors to invest in the US stock market.

2nd Place

SuiteSocial - Suite Social is a marketplace that automates and scales influencer marketing.

3rd Place

Clean Slate - Clean Slate is an inexpensive, real-time, and non-invasive point-of-care device that makes Chlamydia and Gonorrhea testing readily accessible to high school and college students.

Audience Choice Winner 2019

Callisto - We are developing a new rum to meet the growing needs of the nascent craft rum market in the US.

  • BruxA - BruxA aims to improve the treatment of sleep bruxism by providing a smart night-guard and mobile application to track night-time teeth grinding.

  • Build Block - As Korea’s first blockchain-based platform that tokenized the right to invest, BuildBlock aims to simplify and lower the entry barrier in the real-estate market for investors.

  • Caldo - Caldo builds and operates smart vending ma- chines that assemble customized, fresh ingredient meals via a fully-automated, low-footprint, 24-hour POS that utilize broth and water-based heating technology.

  • Compassionlit - Compassionlit provides treatment to jaundiced newborns who are susceptible to brain damage and even death without proper treatment or any treatment at all.

  • CrossCampusXC - CrossCampusXC is an online marketplace community for Berkeley students, who may safely sell and buy products from one another on campus, allowing for better, faster, and safer transactions among students.

  • Dine - Dine is an equitable marketplace for micro-enterprise food production.

  • Eat Makhana - Makhana creates delicious and nutritious food from water lily seeds or Makhana.

  • Focys - Focys helps boost fan viewership and engagement for eSports streamers that seek to create their own brands.

  • Fruitful Health - Mobile-Web application that allows patients and providers to easily keep track of their most up- to-date medication lists across clinical encounters.

  • Grido - Grido is a network of e-scooter charging docks placed at small businesses and private residences on city blocks.

  • Hex Five Security - Hex Five Security is the creator of MultiZoneTM Security, the first trusted execution environment for RISC-V.

  • LeapBox - LeapBox teaches children by transforming class- rooms into giant interactive video games.

  • LifeWork - LifeWork is on a mission to make freelancing a sustainable career choice for all people.

  • Ogma Scientific - Ogma Scientific provides high-throughput (HTP) microbial solutions for industrial ecosystems.

  • Oki Karaoke - Oki installs soundproof karaoke boxes in airports, shopping malls, and other indoor public spaces with high foot traffic.

  • RoadMap - RoadMap is a workflow management platform that minimizes the time and cost to organizations to outsource projects.

  • Strudoc - StruDoc is an app that inspects building damages using Artificial Intelligence.

  • Tannor’s Tea - Tannor’s Tea is a direct-to-consumer premium matcha company.

  • The Ninja Co - The Ninja Co. is an add-in for Excel that helps ordinary people become Excel Ninjas.

  • Y-ELECTRY - Y-LECTRY is a parking and charging station for the first and last mile of electric transportation. It aims to provide an eco-friendly parking and charging solution for electric rideables.




  • Oishii Farm — Champion, 2017 Demo Day

  • Mekonos — Runner Up, 2017 Demo Day

  • PopOats — Audience Choice, 2017 Demo Day

  • Bubblize

  • DNALite

  • Green Thumb Robotics

  • hygiea

  • InnoWaste

  • kiwi — SkyDeck

  • Kokko — Plug & Play

  • liverty

  • May & Meadow

  • NecesitoDoc

  • Om School

  • onederful — YC S18

  • Oroola

  • PeerKat

  • Student Loans Guy


  • LiftEd — Champion, 2016 Demo Day

  • Angilytics

  • BHESTmedical

  • Biome Life

  • Butterfly Medical

  • Byte

  • CaseConnects

  • DostEducation

  • ExoNav

  • Feasible

  • FoodBikery

  • HelpfulVillage

  • InnoVein - $10.7M Raised

  • InstaViser

  • Players’ Lounge

  • Qidza

  • Renklikoy

  • RocketReach

  • SolFox

  • Spred

  • Ucella - $1M Raised

2015 Cohort

  • Blowfish Health

  • Cloubrain

  • DeviceFarm

  • Exogen Biotechnology

  • Four Twenty Seven

  • KNOX Medical Diagnostics

  • LendSnap

  • Pheal

  • Optucourse

  • Petropredict

  • SmartBod

  • Transcense


  • Wist

  • ZPillow

  • Xendit - $18.3M Raised