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Bootcamp One

Hello Friends of LAUNCH, Hope you all are doing well! You’ll be excited to know that our Accelerator is chugging right along. Last month we had our first bootcamp and welcomed 25 teams from across California. We are proud to welcome teams with members from UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC Irvine, UC Davis and UC San Diego.

Our startups this year are as diverse in their business as they are in their originating geography. Our companies are tackling such thorny problems as: creating better communication across remote teams, producing insect-based pet food and creating a credit card whose rewards can go to local charities. So far they’ve been busy collecting interviews, filling and adjusting their canvasses, and looking around the corner to see the pivots that will turn their company into a major disruptor. Despite the Coronavirus, we are still planning on holding all of our previously planned programming. Feel free to forward this email and/or suggest new subscribers to our newsletter! We’d love to grow our community and show people how we are rocking the entrepreneurship game in the East Bay.

Here is what to look out for in the coming weeks:


Ticket sales will open April 1st! Get em early, you won’t want to miss our top companies delivering their polished pitches.


This is where we’ll finalize our top teams for Demo Day, so look out for the newsletter that will follow, where you will find out who among our 25 startups will move forward.


We’ll be sending out a newsletter similar to this each week. In addition to updating all of you on LAUNCH events, we’ll also have a special treat: Startup Intros!

Each startup in our program will submit their business thesis, website and a video. The video will show off their product, their team and show our founders talking about their most recent insight on how to further scale up their business

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